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Richard Thomas Master Refinisher

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Business Biography

Thomas Paints & Furniture Refinishing was established in January 1983 and my original location was 1805 NW 3rd. After 10 years at that location I decided it was time for a larger building. My new location is where I am today at 1135 N Portland Ave.

I received my master title in 1995 from the acclaimed wood sculptor Eddie Caperton, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

I specialize in the conservation and preservation of original wood finishes. My work is on display at the Overholser Mansion, Oklahoma Governors Mansion, the Gaylord-Pickens Museum, the Oklahoma Historical Society Museum, the Arch Di aces of Oklahoma, and many churches throughout Oklahoma and the southwestern United States.

I have never advertised my service. I believe word of mouth is what has sustained by business over the years.

My oldest current customer, Able Movers has been using my services for 35 years other referrals include:

  • 23 rd Street Antique Mall Bill McConnell, Fiends of the Mansion Liz Wood
  • Art and Antique Restoration Maurice Ferris
  • Antique house – Bruce Brooks
  • The Lumber Shed – Pat Parrish



Over the years I have restored hundreds of projects for individuals homes, some of great value, most of sentimental only. My philosophy of business is simple; I treat every piece I work on as if it where my own. If I am happy with the completed job, I know the customer will be back and tell there friends. I am fortunate to work in a profession that offers so much job satisfaction. It is a good feeling to have a customer cry at the presentation of your work.

Richard Thomas